Not many Vancouver land surveyor companies can offer 125 years of experience and knowledge in several urban land survey categories. Founded in 1886, Hermon and Oke is uniquely equipped to serve the specific land survey needs of your development project. Our time-tested systems and procedures ensure your land surveying requirements are completed on time with detailed attention to quality and accuracy.

Legal Surveys

At Hermon and Oke, we provide Legal or Cadastral Surveys for both private and provincial lands, including:

  • Subdivision Plans
  • Air Space Plans
  • Strata Plans
  • Statutory Rights of Ways
  • Easements

Over our many years in the land survey business, we have built and maintained strong relationships with municipal governments. This means we can provide valuable advice to save you time and money on your subdivision plans. As your BC Land Surveyor, we can also act as your agent regarding approvals, rezonings, and other land use applications.

Control Layout and Engineering Surveys

We provide highly accurate Control Layout and Engineering Surveys for land survey projects of all sizes, including well-site drilling, highway routing, construction layout of municipal or private works, and more. Our survey services in this category include:

  • Building Layout
  • Gridline Layout
  • Deformation Surveys
  • Pile Layout
  • Road Construction
  • Pipeline Layout

Topographical Surveys

Our Topographical Surveys provide detailed information on features of designated land and surrounding areas for planning and design of subdivisions, roads, ditching, and residential areas. Our highly accurate land surveys include ground elevations and contours, buildings, fences, roads and ground cover.

Building Leases

The Building Owners and Managers Association has specific regulations regarding the measurement of office space for accurate leasing. At Hermon and Oke, we can assist you with compliance to these specialized standards as well as other formal leasing requirements.

Site Planning and Subdivision Design

If you need comprehensive by-law compliant Site Planning and Subdivision Design, turn to Hermon and Oke. We can also prepare detailed preliminary presentations, reports and applications on your behalf for government authorities at all levels.

Mortgage and Form Certificate

Protect your investment by identifying any possible setbacks in the development of your project with our specialized land surveys for your Mortgage or Form Certificate. Our land and property surveys determine whether there are encroachment or zoning placement problems with your site, and are accepted as proof by legal representatives, municipal officials, inspectors, and financial institutions.

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