With more than 125 years in the land survey business, it's hard to drive across Vancouver without running across a Hermon and Oke land survey project. Below is a list of some of our clients:

Barristers and Solicitors:

Adrian and Company
Bennett Parkes
Cameron and Company
Davis and Company
Paine Edmonds
Watson Goepel and Malady
LaVan and Company

Notary Publics:

Dianna Lynn-Lund NP
Alexander Ning NP
Fernando Ho NP

Architectural Firms: 

Eric Pattison Architect
John Hollifield Architect
Birmingham and Woods Architect
Arca 3
Jacobsen Associates
John Keen Architect
Paul Sanga Associates

Direct Clients:

Canada Safeway
Chevron Canada
BC Housing
City of New Westminster

Property Developers:

Austeville Properties
Barco Canada
Unimet Homes
Qualex Landmark Projects
Mayfair Properties
Rize Alliance
ICI Properties
GWL Realty Advisors
Colt Construction


Engineering Firms:

Chercover Engineering
Seacor Enviromental
Jacques Whitford
Hemmera Enviromental

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